MyHappyGenes DNA Test Kit

MyHappyGenes DNA Test Kit

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The most complete DNA Analysis available to analyze how your genetics affect your mood, your personality, and your biochemistry.

Now includes your personalized MHG Mood & Personality Report with your DNA kit Purchase!

Step 1: Order your DNA Test Kit.  You should receive your Test kit in 7-10 days.

Please contact us here for international shipping information and prices 

Step 2: Create your MyHappyGenes® Account (if you haven’t done so already).  

When you receive your test kit:

Step 3: Register your unique DNA Test ID in your MyHappyGenes® Account. This is important because our lab processes all DNA samples anonymously to protect your privacy.  Registering your kit is the ONLY way our MyHappyGenes® system knows which results belong to you.

Step 4:  Follow the instructions on the box to collect your DNA sample and send it to our lab in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Step 5:  Your DNA results, along with our comprehensive Mood and Personality report, will be available in your MyHappyGenes® account 2-4 weeks from the date your DNA sample is received by our lab.

*We protect your privacy and will never sell your data!